General Information
General Info
  • Events

Prices are determined by date, time, location and the
number of horses/carriages you are requesting or are
required and the nature of your event. Our fee covers all
preparation, set up, travel time and much more.

  • What is involved

Although the actual time to service your event may be 1
to 2 hours, the amount of time involved for us to prepare
for your event is about 6 to 8 hours or more. We bath
and groom the horse(s), braid and use ribbons in the
mane and tail, harness up, load carriage and horse in
trailer, drive the truck and trailer to your location, park in
a suitable location, unload the horse(s) and carriage,
hook up the horse(s) to the carriage, ensure the
coachman and footman are dressed to the nines
including top hat and tails, to be ready at least a half
hour before you need us. All this happens in reverse
after the event is over and we make sure our horses are
comfortable, fed, watered, groomed and turned out to
relax once back at the farm. After all, the horses are what
make this special. On a regular daily basis, we take care
of the horses, including feeding, grooming, as well as
make sure they have regular visits from the farrier and
vet, and equine dentist.
  • When we travel off site

We have a truck and trailer, which are specially
designed to transport our horses and carriage. When
we arrive, we discreetly set up everything at a
predetermined location. We will be ready to serve you at
the time and location that you have specified on our
  • How far do we travel

The horses are now located at Wrangler Farms in
Grandy, NC, centrally located to serve the Outer Banks,
Northeast North Carolina and South East Virginia.
Service is available to the Outer Banks, from Corolla to
Hatteras, Elizabeth City area or Hampton Roads area of
Virginia  For the sake of our horses, we prefer to stay
within a 100 mile maximum radius from the farm.
  •   How many hours will you need

Packages include a time frame of one to two hours. A
horse drawn carriage is ideal for short distances.
Therefore, as you travel at a relaxed pace, you are able
to enjoy your special day. Allow approx. 15-20 min. per
mile and keep travel distance within a two-three mile
radius. Be sure to allot enough time for photos with the
carriage,and/or travel time to your event. If two hours is
not enough for your event, you can reserve an extra
hour or two. If several hours are required, we will
change out horses to keep them fresh.
  • We go above and beyond

Two courteous drivers are outfitted in tuxedos and top
hats for formal events, yellow vest for hot days or polo
shirts for casual events. If desired, a sparkling beverage
an be served to 'celebrate the moment! Knowing the
best angles to photograph a horse and carriage, your
driver/attendant will work as a team to ensure your
photographer gets 'the perfect pictures'!
Arrive in Style!
Call us at (252) 619-5745
Photo by Kimberly Nodurft Photography